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The perfect skin protector and enhancer
100% Natural and Organic Ingredients.
Jar size: 60ml.

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The perfect skin protector and enhancer
Based on an ancient Chinese recipe created for China’s only female ruler, Empress Wu, this balm is packed full of herbs that help to beautify the skin. Empress Wu was renowned for her love of cosmetics and this was her favourite skin preparation.
Made with a sesame oil and beeswax base combined with a natural extract of eight special herbs, this balm is wonderful for maintaining skin health and protecting against the elements throughout the year.
The plant extracts in this formulation have been used for centuries for a variety of functions including: moisturising, removing excess fluids from the skin (that causes puffiness), nourishing and feeding the skin with nutrients to help cellular growth, and increasing circulation of the blood to enhance it’s natural colour through increased blood supply to the surface.
This balm is great for beautifying, moisturising, and protecting the skin for adults, children and babies.
The key ingredients are:
  • Chinese motherwort – used for improving blood flow to the skin helping the skin to detoxify and reduce puffiness
  • Peach and apricot kernels – to moisturise the skin, add lustre and improve circulation
  • Sesame oil – used for it’s 20 recognised anti inflammatory and 11 anti-allergy constituents. It’s also one of the best moisturising oils available
  • Beeswax – keeps moisture within the skin and protects the skin from external damage
  • as a daily moisturiser or night balm for deep nourishment
  • general protection of the skin from the elements
  • to brighten dry or dull skin
  • under eye balm (no heaviness is experienced)
  • as a lip balm for sore dry lips or for protection – it excels at removing the stinging sensation of chapped lips
  • for babies bottoms if skin is dry. Note: If the skin is red use the Purple balm to clear the redness and then once healed move to the Beauty balm for further protection